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Current exhibition


2014.03.15 - 2014.04.27

Erland Brand (born in Arvika 1922) has been working as an artist in Gothenburg since the 1940s and has since been exhibited in a variety of contexts, both nationally and internationally. Göteborgs Konsthall presents a major solo exhibition which focuses on two distinct tracks in Brand's work: the black line drawings in A4 format and paintings that depict the artist's face. With approximately 130 paintings and more than three hundred drawings, the exhibition seeks to offer the viewer a visual experience that moves between heads and landscapes.

Saturday 15 March 14-16
11:00 Göteborgs Konsthall opens
14:00-16:00 Mikael Nanfeldt welcomes everyone and introduces the exhibition, followed by drinks, snacks and music selected by Joachim Nordwall / iDEAL.
17:00 Göteborgs Konsthall closes

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